Bandit Signs – Get Creative!

Bandit Signs – Get Creative!

Most real estate investors have put up bandit signs to generate leads. If you have done that, you probably have also experienced calls from irate property owners telling you to remove the sign or they will call the cops. Part of putting up bandit signs seems to be avoiding the bandit sign police. I only had to put up bandit signs one time and my mind started to think, “There has to be a better way!” Here was my thought process: I often park my car in high traffic areas; I have bandit signs; so why can’t I put the two together to get my signs seen? Voilà! …and out popped this idea.

What you see below is my brain child – a twist on bandit signs where I have not gotten calls from the bandit sign police and I even got my first lead last week. The pictures below will show you how you could implement this in your market. I figured out a way to mount four bandit signs on top of my vehicle. It is pretty easy to do, just keep reading.

Frame it! First, I built a 2×2 frame that that would hold four bandit signs. I wanted people to be able to see them from any direction.


Get it up there! I placed the sign about 6” above the top of my car. I did that by making the frame with four legs. I had to cut the two legs on opposite corners a little shorter to account for the curvature of my vehicle roof.


Protect your car! I put rubber pads on the bottom of the sign frame, similar to what you put on your table legs to protect your floor. I drive a SUV and it is a bit of a stretch to reach it. The rubber pads definitely have saved the paint.

Screw down the sign! I used four broad-headed screws to mount the sight to the frame – one on each corner. More screws would not be good because the plastic corrugated material expands and contracts with changes in temperature.

Protect your bandit sign! I had to keep the sign from blowing off the top off the car. What I came up with will do that just fine, but it would not do much against the ne’er-do-wells that are bent on breaking things.

I used vinyl-coated wire cable and created two eye loops. One is attached to the sign and the other is for a lock. This seems to do the trick. I haven’t had any trouble with it.

Park Right! I have been parking my vehicle at a transit center and park-n-ride lot where there is a lot of traffic from all over the region. When I go the mall, I put it on top of the car. Crowds are good!

Go Mobile? I don’t know about that; I have never tried to drive around this with the bandit signs on the top of my vehicle. If that were to work, I think I’d have to strengthen the frame with some cross braces, and attach the signs with something more substantial.

Give it a shot and let me know if you have any improvements. More importantly, I want to know if you are getting any leads! Contact me by phone, email, or on Facebook.

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